About Poli of America SG 4th Convention

Montreal 4th convention

As for an "Olympic Year", Politehnica Supporters of North America are getting ready for the 4th Convention now.

If you haven't found out yet, Poli of America Supporters Group, the non-profit organization of over the Ocean Politehnica Timişoara "Druckeria" Supporters, is ready for the 4th Convention from Montreal / Berthierville, Québec, Canada!

We learned from our three previous Conversations that being a Politehnica #whitepurple addict in North America is quate a unique experience. There were amazing experiences in Chicago, IL, in 2019, in the "Twin Cities", MN, on 2021, in Cleveland, OH, in 2022. With a "skip" due to the pandemic in 2020.

The Organizing Committee for 2023 is ready for the 4th challenge. This time, we'll leave the United States for Canada, for the first time there.

And that's going to come as a "triple pack": with a new concert performed by "Les Tarabostes" Rock Band & Guests, launching some new successful plays. And a "Lazy Boys" private concert, as an "After Party". Everything will be hosted at Domain Roman: 300 Rang Ste Philomène, Berthierville, QC J0K 1A0, Canada, under the exceptional organizers of CanRoCK, Cinematic Path & Ora Românească.

Even more, the Convention will end up on the Formula 1 Circuit from Montreal, on Sunday, June 18th!

There will be another great purple weekend, starting on Friday evening at "Domain Roman" from Berthierville and ending on Sunday afternoon in the gorgeous city of Montreal!

For last hour reservations, call WHY PO71 T 89, Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 9 PM Pacific Time or shoot us an email at contact@poliofamerica.us. Looking forward to seeing you, Politehnica Supporters, Fans & Friends!

Agenda for the 4th Convention

Friday, June 16th

Accomodation - many of the Card Members & Friends booked their rooms with Roman Domaine Roman or Days Inn, both in Berthierville.

4 PM to 7 PM - guest arrival & cocktail hour. Location: 300 Rang Ste Philomène, Berthierville, QC J0K 1A0, Canada.

7 PM to 9 PM - food and drinks with Domain Roman. Socializing, music, and other fun games activities - live on "Poli of America SG" Facebook. Expo exhibit Politehnica Timişoara.

2 AM - meeting adjourned.

Saturday, June 17th

8 AM to 10 AM - Meeting with those who arrive on Saturday morning & coffee hour for Card Holders & Friends, "miuță" at Domain Roman, if the weather will allow

10.30 PM - message from Timişoara, from our Club reps & leaders

11 AM to 4 PM - Discovering Berthierville
a. Visit at Gilles Villeneuve Museum
b. Visit at Vignoble du Vent Maudit Wineries & Vineyards
c. Fromagerie Domain Féodal

4 PM to 5 PM - 3rd Convention for Poli of America Membership Card Holders and Supporters/Friends;

Agenda will not be disclosed here, that's subject of internal Board!

5 PM to closing - Poli of America SG Merchandising Corner, with Domain Roman location. Poli of America presentation booth, raffle (will contact the winners on the phone or email as the organizers won't allow us more than a few minutes on the stage with the outcome of the action) - Politehnica & Romania promo materials, "on the spot" meetings and internal discussions for card holders, friends & local people

At all this time, Politehnica & Poli of America videos will be rolling in the Concert Venue Area.

5 PM - Les Tarabostes Rock Concert

9 PM - foods & drinks with Domain Roman

10.30 PM - Lazy Boys After Party Concert

2 AM - meeting adjourned.

Sunday, June 18th

8 AM to 9 AM - Breakfast & wrap-up Poli of America SG 3nd Convention & awards celebration. Location: Domaine Roman

10 AM - Poli of America Members & Friends in a Montreal City Walk. Details to be established on Saturday afternoon, "on the spot", based on the attendants.

12 PM to later: either departure home for Poli of America Members & Friends who need to go earlier, or attendance to the Formula 1 Grand Prix from Montreal or Discovering Montreal at Night.

8 PM - meeting and 4th Convention, adjourned.

See you next year

Two Dollars for the Colors

Two dollars for two colors: white and purple

Your generous reccurent $2 monthly donation will help paying for junior expenses. Thank you for your continous support!

What is two dollars for two colors?

Two dollars for the colors is a program initiated by Poli og America SG, at the end of this centennial year for Politehnica Timişoara, 2021, to support the Junior soccer players within the Youth Academy located in Timişoara.

How we do it?

Your monthly subscription will be processed and charged monthly through PayPal. The amount will be transferred, on a yearly basis, to the named above Youth Academy through Druckeria Timişoara Supporters Group Romanian bank account opened in Timişoara.

Why we do this?

Because we think everything starts from the bottom up. As much as we support the adult team, we know the future is in our juniors. Your donation is much appreciated and will help for the next Politehnica Timișoara generation development.

More info?

For additional information about our Academy, click on this link.

Come on Poli, a different club! Fight for Us (those) from North American Banat!